Christmas and New Year

03rd January 2008
The weather has certainly changed, but with it an optimism and some welcome visitors. There are not so many geese around now, but the good news is that the swans are back at the Curlie, and have brought five beautiful cygnets along. They are all looking great. Have a look in the Curlie Folder.

St Cyrus Beach was looking great on the last few days of the year,thanks to the sun which came all the way from Seville... have a long at the shots of our Spanish visitors. One of them even thought about having an early dook!

The weather is pretty grey and dreary now at the start of the year, but dogs still need to walk, and so do the owners... Have a look in Walking the Dog folder.
It is trying hard to snow, and today the forecast says that we should have some, still no shots yet! Keep looking and we hopefully will have some soon.

Joe was out biking, but after I met him he decided to return home with the wind at his back.... wise decision Joe! Happy New Year to you and Barney!