Steeplejacks In Montrose

15th September 2011
Yesterday, 14th September 2011, I was up in the High Street when I noticed a van next to the steeple. A couple of steeplejacks had arrived at the Old Church to carry out some maintenance work on our world famous steeple.
The had come up from Edinburgh and were hoping to attach ladders from the viewing platform and inspect the weather vane at the top of Montrose Steeple as well carrying out a general inspection of the rest of the steeple.

It was not any easy job in the gusty wind we are having. In fact they had come up on Monday, but it was a total non starter in blustery conditions. Today was round two and they managed to put up four sections and are going to return tomorrow, Thursday the 15th around ten o'clock.

Hopefully, I'll see them complete the task and show you how they get on. I found out that these brave lads are called David and John and they work for Northern Steeplejacks.

Day 2

David returned but he brought an apprentice with him to complete the job. Weather conditions were much better, not so windy, but the sunshine and blue sky was also gone.
These guys show lots of courage doing a job most of us don't even notice. We rarely look upwards when we are walking about. So next time, stop for a minute and take in your surroundings looking in all directions.

Look forward to seeing you in the future. Well done! Thank you for sharing your day with me.

For more shots of the Steeplejacks click on the pictures above.